1. roseandjoe:

    Welcome to Rose and Joe, a blog dedicated to preserving and documenting the life and love of my grandparents. 

    This whole idea began after finding the album pictured above, which belonged to my grandmother in a box in my attic. The album its self is in rough shape, as it’s been moved across the country, not been stored in the best conditions, and not to mention it’s about 72 years old (The first entry is dated April of 1942). 

    The album contains photos and snip-its of stories, almost a scrapbook (if you want to call it that), that were sent to her while my grandfather served in the United States Armed Forces. I’ll try my best to keep content posted in chronological order, however dates may jump around a bit. I’ll also be posting other loose photos I find of them, as I know there are some floating around in the same box I found the album in. 

    This is my project stands as a representation of my dedication to the preserving of the past, my love of documentation, and my passion for photography.

    Last but not least, this project is dedicated to none other than my grandparents, especially my grandmother as she was the only grandparent I knew. I hope that she would be happy that her youngest granddaughter is preserving the great love she and my grandfather shared. 

    Photo loving friends,

    Please take a peek at my latest photography project! The post above basically describes what I’ll be up to, so if you’re interested in the preservation of vintage photography (and enjoy a good, old fashioned love story), then please give this project a follow!

    I know there is little there now, but I’m going to begin the real work tomorrow, so it’ll be taking off soon.

  2. Bacon wrapped Turkey Leg. OC Fair. Costa Mesa, Ca.

  3. Goat doing Goat things. OC Fair. Costa Mesa, Ca.

  4. Budweiser Clydesdales and wagon. OC Fair. Costa Mesa, Ca.

  5. Kevin, Hasan, and Chris. Yermo, Ca,

  6. Kyle and Chris. Yermo, Ca.

  7. Dain Christian and his Mosin. Yermo, Ca.

  8. Barnes and Noble. Studio City. Los Angeles, Ca.

  9. Barnes and Noble. Studio City. Los Angeles, Ca.

    This Barnes and Noble is housed in an theater that was once part of the Fox Theater chain. It was built in 1938, handed off to a few different management companies, then closed in 1991 until it was re-purposed as a book store. Much of the interior has been preserved, while new additions carry on theatrical styling. 

  10. Lightroom Re-visit.

    Michael Bohn. Woe, Is Me. Warped Tour 2011. Pomona, Ca.

    This shot has always had such a weird tint to it, but luckily I was able to clean some of it up.